We are a team of cannabis loving Enthusiasts and stoners since high school, the generation that will be able to say we smoked weed before it was legal, we all have university degrees and by no means fall in your average stoner stereotypes.

In year 2015 we had an idea – Zenpype brand was created and a product zenpype gadget was created. Since then we came a long way to be where we are.

We faced and got its fair share of censorship and rejections because it was cannabis related product, and realized that with our technical background we could offer a platform where people could express themselves without censorship and prejudice that we faced. We could offer more user value and started to create an independent cannabis related platform.

Our mission is to maintain easy to use platform, where all the ganja supporters regardless of legal status of our beloved plant in respective country, or social status of it, can connect, post their experience, share knowledge, read about latest interesting marijuana related news ( which are checked, and double checked to avoid fake news), and be able to do so anonymously without worrying for their identity nor data or what their surroundings will say.

If it wasn’t you, our members and your support we wouldn’t exist, and we take your suggestions seriously so don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions or thoughts.

Yours sincerely

Zenpype team


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