6 + 6 free =12 Girl Scout Cookie Cannabis Strain – Feminized Automatic seeds


Girl Scout Cookie is a firm favourite amongst the marijuana community thanks to its delicious taste.


Even though the name says “Cookie”, the taste of this strain is actually a whole lot more like candy floss. It’s light and sweet but has notes of mint, spice and chocolate to give it some balance. Its aroma is sweet but it’s also very earthy and some people might find it reminds them of OG Kush.

With over 20% THC and minimal CBD, Girl Scout Cookies is definitely a “head” strain. It leaves users clear enough to focus for standard, everyday, tasks, although, as always, apply a bit of common sense, here, for example avoid driving when under the influence of marijuana. Although Girl Scout Cookie does deliver a clear, fresh, euphoric high, it tends to be a fairly relaxed one.

Strain Characteristics:
Indoors or outdoors Height: Short – Medium
THC Level: High
Plant Type: Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis
Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies

The THC content in our product – Seeds is below the allowed legal limit and is 0%.


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