6 + 6 free Critical Mass Cannabis Strain – Feminized Automatic seeds


After a long delay, we have obtained some last generation Critical Mass Auto cannabis seeds that stand out for their aroma andfor the consistency of the flowers.


The Critical Mass Auto preserves the characteristic aroma of its genetics, all the beauty, color and splendor of the Katama Critical. Its flowers also appear on all the lateral branches, those hard buds that will end up giving a successful harvest.

In short, a variety of autoflowering marijuana seeds of Indica and Sativa ancestry.  We are delighted to contribute to the development of these autoflowering marijuana seeds. Critical Mass Auto is one of the most popular varieties nowadays and we are proud to have the most stable and productive seeds of this famous variety.

  • Aroma:   Citrus, wood and spices
  • EFFECT:   Relaxing
  • THC:   9-13%
  • CBD:   Medium – High


The THC content in our product – Seeds is below the allowed legal limit and is 0%.



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